Thursday, January 29, 2009

If Memories Were Sparrows


they'd chirp an angry siren
from bramble round the chain
link fence that flanks
the tiny country cemetery
their peace disturbed
as I lumber toward my
sister's grave
shushing as I go


they'd anchor my grandmother's
beautiful fushia and soft pink peony bushes
standing guard between the steep hill
and wild flower garden 'neath
her big picture window with their own special perch
where they'd alight, along with the others
abiding in flowering forsythia
and lilac hedges

if memories were sparrows

they'd assemble with finches
outside my window
boisterously chirping
on snow covered lilacs
waiting impatiently for turn at seed
whispering to each other of
Gramma's persistent insistence for me to dig up
a few of those peony bushes
to plant here in the yard of my (then) new home
if only I had listened
ignored busyness
and thoughts of ants amuck in my car
or later, remembered her request
before the house sold and I could no longer
go back with shovel in hand

if memories were sparrows

they'd now be resting dormant
waiting for spring
only her desire to share them with me
lives with my ache of memory

These poems are a response to the challenge in L.L. Barkat's post The Great Poem Caper. Some of the entries have been published at High Calling Blogs' RAP: Poem Play.


The Unknown Contributor said...

i. left me with such a tightness in my stomach. I could "see" this poem... its imagery and its metaphors both so clearly. It is achingly beautiful.

Anonysister said...

Just. Silencing.

I love these.

nAncY said...

well done

Jennifer said...

Mmmm. So glad I stopped by. Such beautiful word-pictures you've drawn here. My heart aches for a sister, and for lost peonies - and the way both are connected.

Joelle said...

Mmmm. What rich, vivid memories here. Poignant--aren't all remembrances so? Bittersweet, the mingling of joy and regret? Thank you for expressing them with such beauty.

lindayezak said...

I saw your blog name in Hope42day's list, and got curious. Glad I stopped by. Great poetry!

Annie said...

Have stopped by several times to see if you have posted any new thoughts. Hope all is well!

Jennifer said...

Hi ... Came to knock on your door and see if you've been here lately ...

TUC said...

I had some yummy sweet corn on the cob for dinner the other night. It is back inseason. You should come back too. You-know-who can give you your password if you lost it, lol.

L.L. Barkat said...

Hey there. So nice to hear from you. :)

In fact, I was thinking of you today. Fondly. And with hope.